«RUDROSS - The art of being yourself. Our fragrances are inspired by each of YOU»


RUDROSS is an English niche perfume brand inspired by modernity and by moments that are created here and now.

The world is changing. It is constantly in motion. You can inevitably find many styles, ideas, and passions around. Inspired by modern youth trends, RUDROSS created a brand that reflects the diversity of the modern person in perfume compositions.

RUDROSS combines the quality sound of aromatic stories and accessibility for the modern generation. Based in Manchester, the brand has brought together talented perfumers who have turned the idea into reality.

The brand’s founder keeps their identity undisclosed to shift all the attention to the fragrances.

The brand name is dedicated to the founder’s son and daughter and is derived from their names, Rudy and Rossel, with the addition of his beloved hometown, Manchester: RudRoss Manchester.

Production facilities are located in two countries: England and the UAE. The company’s headquarters are situated in Manchester.



RUDROSS is an aromatic synthesis of current activities, emotions, and the lifestyle of young people. The fragrances emphasize bright individuality, which is inherent in everyone from birth, encourage people not to stop on the way to their dream, lift mood and bring unforgettable emotions.

In 2023, three collections named Passion, Character, and Style were launched, inspired by the versatility of everyone. Perfumers managed to recreate an aromatic “energy” for the most demanding customer.

RUDROSS's goal and task are to develop a love of perfumery among the modern generation and help find their fragrant “self.” The brand adheres to the concept of minimalism in product design, behind which hides the vastness of the compositions' sound.

For RUDROSS, caring for nature is essential, so perfumes and their packaging are made from eco-friendly materials. All brand fragrances are unisex compositions and are not gender-specific. All products are released in EDP (Eau de Parfum) concentration.


О бренде - RUDROSS: «Наши ароматы вдохновлены каждым из ВАС!»
Rudross Manchester LLC
Rudross Manchester LLC
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